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The Craft Hut and TrimLine Canopies are very similar. They share the same domed roof, steel frame and telescopic legs. Both booths have been highly successful on the craft show circuit for years, however the age of the Craft Hut is coming to an end. Surpassing the Craft Hut, the TrimLine Canopy has evolved to become the most stable, reliable, and best built tent on the market. Flourish Company is still dedicated to giving Craft Hut Customers the support they need to keep their canopy in working order, but we suggest buying a TrimLine if you are in the market for a new booth.


Flourish Company is offering a $25 discount on a new TrimLine Canopy if you already own a Craft Hut.

TrimLine Canopy


Many customers ask if we have online ordering. We find that our customer's needs and requirements are quite variable, and that most customers have questions about their order. Accordingly, we take orders by phone.


We enjoy speaking with you and feel that it helps us in our goal of providing excellence in customer service. So please give us a call.