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Craft Hut Walls

Craft Hut Standard Walls - Price: ea.

All Craft Hut walls are made of heavy duty 11 oz. vinyl. Craft Hut walls also feature roll up straps and heavy duty #10 marine grade zippers on the top and sides. This allows the walls to zip to the Craft Hut top and adjacent walls providing a water tight shield.

Craft Hut Four Walls Up

Craft Hut Door Wall - Price: ea.

Craft Hut Universal Door Wall

Rolls Up Left, Right, or Center

Craft Hut Mesh Panel - Price: (set of three)

Price does not include Craft Hut StaBar

Mesh Panels on a TrimLine Canopy

Mesh Panels were originally developed for the TrimLine, but Flourish co. now produces a model for the Craft Hut. Mesh Panels are the professionals choice for hanging 2D artwork!
(TrimLine Mesh Panels pictured)

Craft Hut Center Zip Walls - Price: ea.

Craft Hut Center Zip Wall

Rolls up Left or Right