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Made by Flourish Company

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Replacement Parts

Extend the Life of Your Craft Hut!

Craft Hut Rafter Base

Rafter Base

Craft Hut Legs


Craft Hut Foot


Craft Hut Rails

Side and End Rails

Craft Hut Corner

Corner Joint

Craft Hut Rafters


Craft Hut StaBar Ell

StaBar Ell

Craft Hut Riser


Craft Hut StaBar 3-Way

StaBar 3-Way

Craft Hut Spreader Bar

Spreader Bar

Craft Hut Lock Pin

Lock Pin


Master Price List

Top and Walls Price:
Full Craft Hut Canopy
10x10 replacement top
Craft Hut Wall
Center Zip Wall
Door Wall
Awnings Price:
10'x 36" Awning with Frame
10' x 36" Awning Cloth Only
10'x 54" Awning with Frame
10' x 54" Awning Cloth Only
10'x 36" Awning Frame Only
10'x 54" Awning - Frame Only
Other Options Price:
Craft Hut StaBar
Craft Hut Mesh Panels
(Set of Three)
Easy Riser Kit
Same Height Light Bar
Above Wall Height Light Bar
Poles & Parts Price:
Front Awning Pole (2 pc. - 1" diameter tubing)
PVC Curved Rafter
PVC Center Center
PVC Center End
PVC Riser Pole
Side Rail with Rafter Base -
Side Rail with Rafter Base - Female
End Rail - Male
End Rail - Female
Upper Leg Section (2 pc.)
Lower Leg Section
(Foot not included)
Spreader Bar - Complete 3 pc.
Lock Pin
Corner Joint
StaBar 3-Way
StaBar Ell