Craft Hut Canopies

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The Craft Hut Canopy by Flourish Company - Price: $1355

Craft Hut Canopy

Flourish Company is dedicated to getting Craft Hut owners the replacement parts and service they need to keep their show on the road. view replacement parts.

The Upgraded & Redesigned Craft Hut

New Craft Hut tops have been modernized with essential features like: vents, skylight, and awning zippers.


Certified Flame Resistant - NFPA 701

and State of California

The TrimLine Canopy - Price: $945

$25 Discount for Craft Hut Owners

TrimLine Canopy

Check Out The TrimLine!

The TrimLine has many features that make it superior in function and reliability to the Craft Hut. Also, TrimLine Canopies are offered at a lower price-point due to this Superior Design.

Customer Testimonial

"As a Craft Hut Canopy owner for many years, I was reluctant to convert to the TrimLine. After buying a 10 x 20 TrimLine and setting it up, I clearly see the improvements that Flourish has made! Kudos to Flourish Company for making setups easier while providing excellent products with unsurpassed customer service."